How it Works

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Review the products and services you want and need and get an estimate.

Check out our products and services and meet our delivery partners.


Our product page has everything you need to know at the touch of button in a clear simple language that is easy to understand. Our local experts are available to answer any questions you may have.

Our simple online estimation tools enable you to quickly and accurately estimate the cost, savings and pay back to help you decide if it is right for you and make an informed decision. When ready, get a free no obligation quote

Online Meeting


Request a formal quote and ensure you are comfortable with it.

Our quotes are prepared quickly and usually available within 2 business days. They are highly accurate with no hidden fees and charges.


Our products and services are of the highest quality and proven to be reliable and safe. They come with long term warranties.


Our prices are extremely competitive and we have flexible ways to pay that suit your needs and budget. 

Online Shopping


Decide if it is right for you and when ready place the order.


When ready to proceed, we will get the ball rolling and take care of everything for you. We connect and coordinate everyone in the supply chain to work together to get the job done seamlessly and quickly saving you time, money and hassle.


We have also shortened the time from order to delivery to ensure you get the benefit of your purchase as quickly as possible.


Choose your preferred day, delivery window and lock it in. We will flex to meet your needs.

On the Phone


Track the progress of your order every step of the way.

We will send regular progress alerts and contact you the day before to confirm and again when on route.


We use quality and accredited installers who are highly trained and closely monitored.


Our delivery guarantee means they will be there on time as promised and the job will be done first time right, or we’ll fix it.

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Make the most of your purchase once delivered.

We’ll check to ensure your purchase is running properly and keep an eye on it for any issues down the track.


We’ll help you understand your production and consumption so you can maximize your savings via our insightful monitoring and analytical tools.


You'll also qualify for free membership in our recognition and rewards program and VIP access to new products and services in our pipeline as they become available.

Get a customised estimate

We can provide an accurate estimate of your likely savings and cost of solar and battery so you can make an informed decision.