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Solar & Battery

Cost and Saving Estimator

Real Estimates not "Guestimates"

A lot of suppliers offer instant quotes with very few inputs and when they do the job, the price you pay is often a lot more than you expected. Like you, we don't like surprises.

Our simple estimation tools enable you to quickly and accurately estimate the cost, savings and pay back to decide if its right for you and make an informed decision. When ready, get a free no obligation quote at the push of a button. They are prepared quickly, usually available within 5 business days, and are highly accurately with no hidden fees and charges.  The information is simple, clear and comprehensive making it easy to understand. 

How we prepare your estimate


Tell us where you live so we can have a look at your roof using satellite images.


Upload your latest energy bill so we can understand your usage.


Our engineers will design a custom solution for you using our sophisticated digital tools.


We will prepare a report detailing your potential cost and savings.


We will send you the report to review and you can request a quote when ready.

Get Estimate
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